Lion AlcolmeterĀ® 600 - touch screen breathalyzer

This is the latest and top of the range breathalyser from Lion. The Alcolmeter 600 is the most thorough breathalyzer available. It has a full touch screen with easy to understand icons making it free from language barriers. Its most outstanding feature is its data logging ability. This is the ability to take in information associated to the test such as the test subjects name, surname and ID number as well as the operators ID number. All extremely useful for record keeping and statistical presentations.

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This breathlyser has outstanding features. A touch screen with easy to understand icons makes it free from language barriers. Its most outstanding feature is its data logging ability. This allows the operator to insert his ID number before any tests are done making it easy to keep on record who has performed the test. After each test is conducted it will ask for the subjects Name, Surname and ID number and then attach that to the test and store it in memory. This eliminates confusion as to who it was that was tested and what their result was.

The Lion alcolmeter 600 can store at least 6000 tests in its memory which can be transferred onto a PC for record keeping or for printing purposes. It is also unique in that it can be ordered with a GPS function which will log the position of the instrument for each test that it conducts. This is an excellent feature and will prove extremely valuable to railway operators, construction companies, trucking companies or any company with multiple sites or depots.

It has Multi-Sampling Modes:

  • Active - using a mouthpiece, for accurate measurement of the subject’s alcohol level; or using a sampling cup for a quick precursory test, just to see if alcohol is present.
  • Passive - hold the 600 in front of the subject’s mouth and press the Sample button when they speak. Within seconds the display shows whether alcohol is present or not.
  • Container Testing - check a suspect fluid or container for the possible presence of illicitly added alcohol.


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