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Lion Alcontrol ®
Voluntary breathalyzer

The Lion Alcontrol ® is an unmanned breathalyzer. It can be mounted on any wall and used as a simple voluntary test breathalyser. It can also be mounted at an entrance control point such as a turn style gate or biometric controlled door.

The ALCONTROL Breathalyser is an unmanned breathalyser. Made to be tough and simple to use. The ALCONTROL can be used in any environment for operator free breathalyser testing.

In its simplest application it can be mounted to any wall, switched on and used as a voluntary testing breathalyser. Any employee can walk up to the ALCONTROL at any time before entering the work premises and test themselves to make sure that they have no alcohol present on their breath.

The ALCONTROL can also be fitted to an entrance point such as a turn style gate. In this application an employee or visitor will not be able to open the gate unless they have blown a negative sample into the ALCONTROL. If they blow a positive sample the gate will not open.

A siren and beacon light can be added to the system to attract attention should someone blow a positive alcohol sample when trying to enter and blowing into the ALCONTROL.

In its most advanced application the ALCONTROL can be fitted with a Camera. The camera can be programmed to take a picture of every person as they blow into the breathalyser or only take pictures when a test is positive. The pictures can be stored in the internal memory and retrieved via wifi connection or sent to a folder on the company server via LAN.

With wall mounted units calibration as always a concern. With the ALCONTROL the front cover can be removed by a company technician and a pre- calibrated unit can be re-attached to the rear casing. There is no down time and no expensive call outs. Calibration only needs to be done once per year regardless of the number of tests that are done on the instrument.

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