Products for drug screening tests and alcohol screening tests

ALCO-Safe supply a range of superior equipment for drug screening tests and alcohol screening tests, including mobile breathalysers and drug screening devices which screen for drugs in saliva, urine, powder, solids and resins. ALCO-Safe only supplies superior equipment which will stand up in disciplinary and CCMA cases.

Testing for drugs in saliva
Disposable saliva screening tests are available to test for 6 different drug types in one test.

Saliva drug testing

Testing for alcohol
ALCO-Safe supplies LION breathalyzers, world leaders in alcohol detection technology.


Testing for drugs in urine
Drug screening tests can screen for 1 specific drug or up to 10 different drugs.

Urine drug testing

All the accessories you need - from mouth pieces and pouches, to Supernova disinfectant wipes!


Testing for drugs in solid
Drug screening test kits can test for drugs in powders, tablets, resins, liquids and on surfaces.

Solids drug testing

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     Extensive experience built over 42 years
     One-stop shop including operator training and drawing up of policies
     Leaders in the supply of the very latest technology in alcohol and drug
     Wide range of drug and alcohol testing equipment to suit your budget


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