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Lion Alcolmeter ® 500
Used by police services

An excellent breathalyzer instrument that is used by police enforcement in South Africa and across the globe. The A500 is a police grade breathalyser and is used extensively by the British police. The Lion Alcolmeter 500 has a large memory bank which can be downloaded to the operators PC for record keeping or presentation purposes

The Lion Alcolmeter 500 is a state of the art high speed testing breathalyzer. Capable of testing 6 people per minute it is the instrument of choice for entrance points, with thousands of this unit already in operation at mines and depos across South Africa and Africa. This instrument requires no mouth pieces and only needs calibration once a year. It is therefore excellent at keeping your cost per test down to a minimum. If you want to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety act with regards to INTOXICATION this is the breathalyzer for the job. It contains the Lion Platinum fuel which makes it highly sensitive only to alcohol.

In Active mode the subject blows into the sampling cone until a sample is taken by the instrument for alcohol analysis – fully automatically. Within seconds a coloured light appears, with a beep tone, to indicate whether that sample contained alcohol. The system then clears itself – again, fully automatically – so that within seconds again it is ready to test the next subject.

In Passive mode the operator presses the Passivebutton to draw in a sample of breath from around the subject, ideally while they are speaking. Again, the display system then very quickly shows whether or not that subject has alcohol in their body. This Passivemode is also ideally suited to checking the air above fluids, to see if these contain alcohol.

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